As one of the most technologically innovative
countries in Latin America,

Costa Rica is rapidly becoming a haven for high-tech investment. This country boasts:

  • The best universities
  • The highest availability of micro-financing and of venture capital.
  • World class infrastructure, human capital, and public institutions
  • A world-class R&D landscape, comprising IT software development, and electronics manufacturing
  • Today, Costa Rica is home to nearly 300 high-tech companies, 24% of which are Fortune 100

Credits: Procomer


As one of Costa Rica’s leading developers,
Colibricode’s reputation for delivering affordable, premium quality services speaks for itself.

Every project is undertaken with creativity, passion, and the end goal of delivering the best possible client experience.

We work tirelessly to create powerful business tools, and guarantee a service and commitment that exceeds any and all expectations. Our crack team of professional programmers, developers, and technicians are available to step on-board at any stage of your project. You can depend on us to deliver the applications, services, and ultimately – the growth, that will leave your competitors in your rear view mirror.


Time Zone Flexibility

Offices in the US and Latin America enables us to communicate with clients without delay any day, any time.


Getting Started

To get the ball rolling, you will be invited to discuss your
custom requirements with our specialists.
After establishing the mission statement, development approach,
and blueprint from which to proceed, we immediately get to work
to deliver your package on time, on budget,
and in a way that goes above and beyond your expectations.

For US based clients, our US office is happy to discuss
your requirements at any time.


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